For Student email, Moodle, and Webadvisor login information please start with the Online Services Tutorial. If you are a brand new WCC student, scroll to the lower part of that page for: Your Initial WCC Login (New Students), there you will find directions for formatting your username and password.

Attention New Summer Students: You will not have access to any courses you registered for until 8:00 AM the first day of class.

To experience Moodle if you are not a current student login to Moodle using wccguest as the username and password and then click on the WCC Moodle Demo course. The Moodle Demo Course includes sample units from a few courses and opportunities to try submitting assignments, participating in a discussion forum and even take a quiz.

For best results please use the Firefox Internet browser when using Moodle.
Official Firefox download link

Other resources to help you be successful in online courses:

Moodle Student Help and Student Support Information: